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Disciplinary Action

The Environmental Assessment Act, 2011  and the BEAPA Constitution require that all members of the Association conduct and uphold themselves and their profession in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may attract the following actions by the Board (Section 43 of the EA Act, 2011).

Suspension and Termination of Registration

The Board may suspend the registration of any practitioner where an enquiry under section 43 has found the practitioner guilty of any act prescribed in the Code of Conduct (Schedule D).

A practitioner who has been suspended shall be disqualified from performing environmental assessment work and his/her registration shall be deemed to be suspended until the suspension period has expired.

Reinstatement of Member

Where the name of a member has been removed from the Register for whatever reason, or the registration of a practitioner has been suspended, the Board may, either on its own volition, or on the application of the practitioner concerned, after holding an enquiry, direct that the name of the practitioner be restored to the Register, subject to terms and conditions.